rear swing axle

rear swing axle
tylny most łamany

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  • Swing axle — A swing axle is a simple type of independent suspension first used in early aircraft (1910 or before), such as the Sopwith and Fokker, usually with rubber bungee and no damping. Many later motor car rear swing axles have universal joints… …   Wikipedia

  • swing axle — An independent rear suspension system in which each driving wheel can move up or down independently of the other. The differential unit is bolted to the frame and various forms of linkage are used upon which to mount the wheels. Drive axles,… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • low pivot swing axle — A rear axle setup that attaches the differential housing to the frame via a pivot mount. A conventional type of housing and axle extend from the differential to one wheel. The other side of the differential is connected to the other driving wheel …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • axle — An axle is a shaft on which the wheels revolve. A full floating axle is used to drive the rear wheels. It does not hold them on nor support them. A semi floating or one quarter floating axle is used to drive the wheels, hold them on, and support… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Rear-engine design — In automobile design, a rear engine design layout places the engine at the rear of the vehicle. The center of gravity of the engine itself is past the rear axle. This is not to be confused with the center of gravity of the whole vehicle, as an… …   Wikipedia

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